Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For Starters....

This is what I found when I got home from work yesterday.

Sooooo beautiful and soooo yummy to touch. I'm going to make the Vintage Velvet scarf by Lisa Daniels from Scarf Style. And it's all mine. I so rarely knit for myself. This is a special treat.

I rediscovered this yarn, I suppose I can call it vintage yarn. It's been stashed and partially knit for about 20 years. Yep... 20 years, give or take. It's Bernat Cassino, 100% cotton, looks like rayon. So, I have to frog the sleeves that are done (I can't even remember what I started back then) and wind my pull skeins and I'll be ready to go. I'm making a vest for my sister from a vintage Coats And Clarks mini book.

I've been filling the empty spaces, as in mindless knitting, with these little snakes. So cute and quick. And my kitties love playing with them. The pattern is called Snake City by Kathleen Day.

And finally, my infamous animal print toe-ups. I finished them for my sister. All wrapped and pretty and she didn't seem to mind that they were a month and a half late for her birthday. I have to try one more pair of toe-up socks before I decide whether I like knittng them or not.

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