Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm Making Donuts

"Are you frying or baking them"?
"Well, I'm actually knitting them".
"Why would you knit donuts"?
"Because I can".
This from a conversation with a friend.
I was first intrigued by these donuts. But, I didn't have time to figure out a crochet pattern. I'll get to it. Then I saw these. And very conveniently, there was a pattern for the knit donuts. My first donut was knit from this pattern, but it was too big for my "taste". So I modified the pattern and knit the second one. Then one more change, I knit my modified pattern with size 5 dpn's rather than six. It was just right!

Now, I'll be knitting up a half dozen or so and take them to my sisters' for Christmas. No baking for me this year. Well, I kid. I probably will bake for the holidays.

The most pleasure I got from knitting these was the realization that probably the only people who would be excited about knit donuts are knitters. The next food item I'm knitting are these. This is how I'm keeping my weight down during the holidays. Don't mind the colors, I was just testing with scrap yarn.

Knit Donuts - Modified Pattern

Materials: Worsted weight yarn; contrasting yarn for icing; stuffing; 1 stitch marker; Size 5 or 6 (3.75 or 4mm) double-pointed needles; Tapestry needle.

Cast on 16 sts using any temporary cast on method, place marker, join.
Round 1: Knit.
Round 2: Knit 2, make 1 around (24 sts).
Round 3: Knit.
Round 4: Knit 3, make 1 around (32 sts).
Rounds 5-11: Knit. (7 rows)
Round 12: Knit 4, make 1 around (40 sts)
Round 13: Knit.
Round 14: Knit 5, make 1 around (48 sts).
Rounds 15-17: Knit (3 rows)
Round 18: Knit 4, K2 tog around (40 sts).
Round 19: Knit.
Round 20: Knit 3, K2 tog around (32 sts).
Rounds 21-28: Knit (I used icing color here – knit 7 or 8 rows, as you please)
Round 29: Knit 2, K2 tog around (24 sts). (change back to donut color here)
Round 30: Knit.
Round 31: Knit 1, K2 tog around (16 sts).
Round 32: Knit.

Remove the temporary cast on and weave the stitches together. Don’t forget to stuff.


Nora said...

How cute!! Have you seen Bernie's?

Thanks so much for the stamp link. They deliver to AU, so I've gone ahead and placed my order! x

Armine said...

I am happy to say I am a proud recipient of the cute little knit donut. Since I am a chocoholic, the brown with the white icing took care of my sweet tooth :-)

Dr. B. said...

AAARRGGGHH!! So! CUTE! Thank you for sharing the pattern. If I weren't so committed to making things that take forever, I'd make some right now. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"The most pleasure I got from knitting these was the realization that probably the only people who would be excited about knit donuts are knitters..."

Actually...I swooned over the knit donuts and I'm not a knitter. Reminded me of a woman on ebay selling scraves made out of knit poptarts, which I enjoy as well.

And it's not that I'm prone to genuflecting over knit foods. Indeed, I once saw a knit telephone that I will always describe as "PRICELESS".

In my experience, the "probablys" never hold up. Kinda like imagining the only people who get excited over Canadians are the people who date them. It's not a great analagy but it works. Maybe. Hm. I hate to resort to sports analagies cuz I really don't enjoy sports. But...mebbe it's like saying the only people who get excited over the Superbowl are people who play football..?

Let's stick with the Canadians.

Leopold Bloom, American