Friday, April 24, 2009

A Most Fitting Reason To Come Back

I've been away. Not from my usual life, nor from my crafting life. Just from my blog life. So I've had some time to reflect. On many aspects of my life. And even with the unpleasantness that has been hovering around me for a while, I realize that I'm still quite fortunate in so many ways.

Today is April 24, the day in history that commemorates/ mourns the Armenian Genocide. I just wanted to do my small part in recognizing this day.

My grandpa on my mom’s side was a Freedom Fighter during this time keeping his family's village/territory as well as surrounding areas fairly incident free. He spent months at a time fighting this aggression as well as fighting communist aggression. He continued to fight for human rights and freedom until 1928, when he and his driver were killed when his vehicle was sabotaged and run off a mountain road.

I salute the people, throughout history, during any conflict, who selflessly give to assure others the simple right to live peacefully, and mourn those who’ve lost their lives needlessly due to human greed and power.


kim said...

Welcome back!

Nora said...

Welcome back from me too - I agree with everything you've writen.