Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thunderbolts & Lightning!

While I suppose lightning, thunder and pouring rain are mild weather conditions compared to what other parts of this nation and the world are enduring, it's still disturbing for us in So Cali. I can hear sirens galore. Mostly because people forget how to drive as soon as there's a drizzle much less this kind of rain. The consolation is that we sure could use the rain.

On the knitting front, I finished these fingerless mitts a while ago, but just now getting around to posting about them. Pretty basic, and, well, my favorite thing to knit. The Fingerless Blues were for a friend of my niece and the Basic Blacks are for her BF.

I managed to bake a cake last week. A banana cake. Pretty simple recipe and tasty.
Before baking.
Fresh from the oven!
Half devoured!
Lately it seems baking and cooking are running a close second to my knitting.

I have a major project I'm working on. More about that a little later. Yes, knitting related. And I have a pair of socks to design for the Sock & Fingerless Mitt Club from Robin's Nest Yarn. Indie dyers and designers have teamed up to make up a great year of knitting. Stay tuned! More about that coming as well.

Only 93 days left until The Hands On Retreat in Chicago! Did I mention how good I've been feeling lately?

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MsChris said...

That's a good-looking cake. I've been baking a lot lately too, I wonder what that's about?