Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's a heatwave... all over again

Just when I was getting all motivated and organizing my knitting and crafts, the heat hits again... big time. But, trying my best not to let it drag me down, I started the Embossed Leaves Socks from the Winter 05 IK. In none other than my dyed yarn. I love the way my yarn turned out and I love this pattern. It's really very simple and fast knitting. One sock is almost done, and #2 about to start, tonight hopefully.

Of course I had to post the gratuitous close up of the socks as well.

Here's a pic of my Garterlac Dishcloth courtesy of Criminy Jickets. I love this pattern. It's my first attempt at entrelac. The first cloth I did is the pink-yellow-orange-ish one. Not perfect but pic posted anyway, warts and all. The other one is the second one I did. Near perfect, if I do say so myself. Lots of fun knitting (the 2nd one, not the first -- heh) and great pattern.

A sorta quickie cable headband done in 100% cotton. I used the cotton for a summer headband, but I really think it's too heavy for summertime. I like it anyway.

Just a couple more pics for today, then I'll be back with more later. My Babes from Knitted Babes. Still need to make the clothes. I'll get there... really.
OK, apparently no more pics today. I can't seem to get them uploaded. There's always tomorrow....



Your socks are gorgeous - I love the red variegated yarn. Truly beautiful.

Star said...

great socks! It's funny, I have those and the garterlac cloths on my to-do list. But seriously, great socks!