Monday, November 27, 2006

We Now Return To Regularly Scheduled Programming

Pressure and obligations done for the time being, I can now finish my Toe Warmers. I'm also knitting another Babe, by request, for my friends little niece.

I can't help but reflect on seasons past and the upcoming holidays. This is supposed to be a joyous time. Instead people seem more tense and have less patience. The simple act of going to buy groceries becomes a drudgery, since everyone is fighting for parking spaces, elbowing their way to the "bargains". Consumerism, expectancy, disappointment, trying to keep up, comparisons. No wonder everyone's stressed out. Once again, I'm doing my best to keep it simple. Let's love, respect and give to each other throughout the year, as we can and should, and not try to cram it all into one or two holidays.

Ok. I'm off my little soapbox. Knitting content and pics next time, or as I complete my projects.

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Armine said...

Merry Christmas... As joyous as the holiday season should be, it is getting more and more commercial. In July you see Xmas stuff and in December you see bikinis in dept stores. It just seems to get more and more faster, no one really having that heartfelt feeling about what the holidays are about. People pushing and shoving.. relax, it will all be there tomorrow. Let's fast forward to the new year, this one was a rough one. Beam me up Scottie!!