Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Going Shopping

One of my goals this year is to knit a fair isle sweater. I'm not anywhere near starting. Apparently, unless someone requests a specific color for something they want me to knit, I tend to buy like colors. Going through my stash, I realize there just aren't enough color variations to choose from. Well, this automatically allows me to buy yarn, doesn't it? So I'm in the planning stages of design, which must be kept simple, and then yarn choices. Color and fiber. It's very exciting. Of course, I don't expect this come to fruition any time soon. It'll take a while since I still have some UFO's I'm trying to get out of the way. Enter Vogue's Stitchionary 3 Color Knitting. There are a lot of ideas and colors so I've been swatching. I'm not too thrilled with my results since my current yarn colors aren't all that varied, but swatches to come soon. I knew I could find a reason to go yarn shopping.

I've spent many hours the past few days with this book. It's my new love.


Nora said...

One tutorial comin' up... just give me a day or 2. x

PS: I must've deleted your previous email.

nona said...

Sometimes its fun to stew about a design and experiment before jumping in. I'm a huge fan of the swatch and think it is an excellent way to generate ideas and to see how colors interact. Have fun!