Sunday, February 04, 2007

Where Did January Go?

It's been a very busy time for me workwise. Some days I'm so exhausted, I just can't seem to do any of the 1001 things I have on my personal agenda. I've read a blog or two here and there, but never had the gumption to comment. But, I always try and make time for knitting or crafting or plain ole relaxing by being creative, even if just on paper.

My fair Isle project still swims in my head and on graph paper. I haven't made any color or yarn decisions yet. So, instead I worked on other projects, frivolous, and some necessary for the soul. I bought yarn, mostly frivolous.

I'm going to knit an heirloom lace something or other or 2 or 3. I've knit lace patterns before, but never knit with lace weight yarn. That's going to change now. It's very exciting choosing my first project. I bought the yarn. Of course. And Victorian Lace Today for inspiration. This book is lovely. It's informative with numerous projects for all skill levels. The location photos add to its charm. This is not for the bookshelf. Worthy of display, a coffee table book, if you will.

My Touch Me scarf is done. Just needs ends weaved in and a hot wash for felting that I'm so afraid to do. I'll do it. Before and after photos when I take that plunge.

Also, I finally ordered a knit rubber stamp from Patternworks then found this wonderful site for stamps. Kaspareks. Well, of course I had to order a couple more stamps for my collection. Check it out. There are so many choices.

I have too many pictures but I think I'll keep it down for now so I don't cause any explosions with heavy photo posts. And let me add, what a perfect day it is here in the City of Angels. As I sit here, there's a warm and beautiful breeze drifting in through my windows. Could life be more perfect? Well, yes it could. I could have 4 hands and get more done, or never have to worry about debts and the like and pass my time creating fiber goodies. Oh, a personal chef would be delightful. So it goes.

My crochet Amigurumi Chihuahuha. So cute! The pattern can be found here, if you're so inclined.

Karabella's Gossamer Lace Stole in the works.

My Gentlemen's socks to be. The diamond pattern doesn't really show in the pic, but it's lovely.

Delicious Laines Du Nord yarn. Reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. That was my mom's favorite flavor. I'm not sure what I'll make, but I couldn't resist the bargain price of $2.75 per.


Nora said...

Which stamp did you buy? (I might get around to finally ordering mine today!) Also, thanks for the Kaspareks link.

Thank you too for your latest comment. You managed to convey my thoughts exactly! (I always enjoy receiving your intelligent and witty comments.) x

Nano said...


I bought 3 stamps from Kaspareks. The Certified Work of Art, Knitting Heart, and Small Yarn Ball.

Their prices are more reasonable than the other one I ordered. And so many choices. I want more, but that's bordering on gluttony.

I so enjoy your blog. I find you inspiring, entertaining and calming. Is that possible? Yes it is.

Dr. B. said...

Aaaargghhhh! That chihuahua is adorable! Thanks for linking to the pattern. Man. That is seriously cute.

(And did you change the background color recently? I haven't been by in a while. It's beautiful.)

Anonymous said...

OMG... that chihuahua is the best!