Sunday, February 11, 2007


Changes and organization. My mom used to say that change is healthy. I fully agree, but that doesn't always make it easy for me to adapt. Now, I will change things around the house frequently. Like rearrange furniture, move knick knacks around, shift wall hangings and decorations here and there. It's refreshing. When I started knitting, I couldn't see spending a lot of money on yarn because I wasn't always sure how my attempted project would turn out, or if it would. So, of course, the most accessible reasonable yarn was acrylic. That's changed.

Living in So Cali, wool wasn't always practical either. Plus I grew up in a household with severe wool allergies, though I did find out eventually that I'm not allergic. I've long since out-grown the anti-wool phase and acrylics, though I will use acrylics and blends for some people, by request, and for some items I make. And now, there are so many natural fibers to choose from, well... the possibilities are endless. So, prompted by my nephew's wife wanting some 'things' to put on her apparent ample shelf space in her office, I've been crocheting and knitting a lot of toys and dolls. With acrylics and wool. Most of the photos I took over the weekend didn't turn out very well because we've been having overcast skies and rain on and off. So, photos coming when I take better pictures.

On another note, I like to think that I'm not a complainer, and I'm not even sure if this breaks any sort of secret fiber oath or something or other. But I do have a problem with a recent pattern purchase and a pattern attempt from a book.

After much admiring, I bought some lovely mohair blend yarn and a $5 pattern for a stole, which I loved. I excitedly took pictures and continued admiring my yarn. I finally paid attention to the pattern, and well, it seems to me, knitting directions as "Cast on number stitches then stockinette stitch until yarn finishes, cast off loosely" hardly constitutes a "pattern". And it's not even the $5 really. I'm just a tad incensed because, in my humble opinion, if you're selling this fine yarn, and I know there are more expensive yarns out there and I only needed 2 skeins, why wouldn't you just give those simple directions free with purchase? Am I being unreasonable?

I buy patterns and books all of the time. I don't even have a problem with buying an entire book or magazine for one single pattern I love. Sort of like back in the day, buying a record album for a single song you loved. I fully support anyone in their endeavor to make a profit from their talents.

I wasn't real thrilled about using size 17 needles either, which are HUGE and awkward, for me anyway. Then, after knitting about 20" of the stole, well, it just didn't look that beautiful. So rip it out I did. Then I went to one of my one skein books and happened to find a lace stitch scarf for the same yarn. Wow! What a great coincidence. I'll make 2 scarves and give one away. Nice! Well, I cast on and immediately noticed the specified number of stitches is in no way going to turn out the finished width size stated in the pattern. And, the pattern isn't working out right either. After calculating and deciding on the proper number of stitches and tweaking the stitch pattern a bit, the pattern still wasn't working. So, on to the internet, search and search, looking for errata for this book. Nothing. Look up the author/editor. Nothing. Look up the publisher, website not found. What the heck?!? So sorry for the rant... I just had to get this off my chest.

I finally made up my own lace pattern and am enjoying my yarn and will have my scarves done in no time. Well, in no time if I actually stay with them. At any rate, here's what my first one will look like.
I do love the yarn. It's got just enough glitz that I can use it casually or dressy.

Oh, and I got my stamps from Kaspareks. Love 'em!

The yarns up top are Shadow lace from Knitpicks, Sunset & Vineyard colors. What can I say? I'm in a lace mood.

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**Rubina** said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW STAMPS! They are so cute!!!!