Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Every year one of my nieces makes her pilgrimage to my home to give me a box of Turtles for Valentines Day. Not the reptile with the shell. These are pecans, cashews and caramel covered in milk chocolate. And ok, so it's not a pilgrimage really. She lives upstairs while I live downstairs, in our duplex.

I've been good. I only ate 2. Because I could eat them in a couple of blinks really. My tastes are simple. I know there are better brands of chocolates with fancier names and all that, but I do like these. A lot.

Between knitting my lace scarf, I knit some wire and bead votive sleeves. Not bad. I didn't use a pattern, though I know they exist somewhere. It was just a sidetrack from the lace knitting. I like them. I'll make more since I have lots of wire and beads.

My Jelly Fish. A quickie crochet about 3" long including tentacles.

And finally, I have to tell you my strange dream. I dream a lot, usually pretty vivid and in color. I used to have a dream dictionary that was 'borrowed' and never returned so I stopped trying to figure my dreams out a long time ago.

In my dream my friend and I went to a shop. I was going to get my first tattoo. I went around the shop checking out designs, I couldn't find anything I liked. In the meantime he decided to get one while I was checking things out. When he was done, I still hadn't picked anything out. So he showed me a picture of one of the 7 dwarfs, from Snow White. I can't remember which one (it better not have been dopey!) I told him I wouldn't get a Disney character tattoo. He said, the dwarfs aren't a Disney invention, they have a long history and Disney cashed in on them (or something like that.)

So I get in a chair and this woman starts my tattoo process. Of course, I was done in an instant, it's my dream after all. So we went to a liquor store after that (don't ask me why the liquor store, I hardly ever drink alcohol) and when I went to show the guy behind the counter my tattoo, he laughed at me... I was so sad. So I looked at the tattoo and it was a drawing with a pen! What's up with that?

One more thing. I bought a new pattern. Can't wait to start but it goes in my knitting 'queue' for now. It's Wicked from Zephyr Style. Love it!


**Rubina** said...

NEAT! It's so cool you put your chocolates on your blog! I'm glad you liked them. Many xoxo!!!!

Love, Rubina

Nora said...

Love the votives and new pattern!

nona said...

Okay, the jelly fish is too cute ... but the turtles have my sweet tooth in a tizzy.