Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can I Just Say...

I love my new STR yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts . I love the feel, the weight, the colors, which are Rocktober and Cracked Canyon. Of course, I should give credit to the source for my getting on the Chevron Scarf Bandwagon. I no sooner read Dr. B's post and was off to buy the yarn and book. Now I'm happily knitting away. I have to say, the scarf really isn't suitable for a Last Minute Knitted Gift, but have no doubt the end result will be gorgeous. And, if you haven't knit with STR yarn, do it. I can't say enough about how lovely it is.

I've been binging a bit with yarn purchases. I bought the most lovely Claudias Hand Painted Yarn in Black Walnut from Simply Socks Yarn Company. And some Elsebeth Lavold SIlky Wool. And more. But I'll save those for another time.

And another rave for Simply Socks Yarn Company, besides all of the yarns they have to offer. I needed size 1.5 dpn's for gloves I'm knitting and couldn't find them locally, so I ordered them online, Friday evening. The yarn and needles were at my door on Monday. What can I say. Now that's excellent customer service.

Apparently the last cup of coffee I had, Northwest Blend and French Roast mix, has me buzzing. So, though I could go on and on about my goodies, I'm going to stop and get back to knitting. I leave you with some of my latest crocheted menagerie.
Floppy Puppy pattern can be purchased here.
Pockitty pattern can be found here.
Bunny pattern can be found here. I made some adjustments to this pattern as I went along and used a size F crochet hook instead of H.
I'm done. For now.


Nora said...

Oh Annie, that Black Walnut is divine! Sorry, but I'm going to blatantly copy you and order it ASAP (I have NO shame!)

nona said...

I'm loving your STR combination. I too have been lured by this irresitable scarf and am chevroning away.

Dr. B. said...

Aaargh! More glorious things! Don't even get me started on that little pink guy. SO CUTE!

Here's the PIC and I were going to order the STR yarn for the scarf today, but we couldn't find any mediumweight. I have lightweight, but I just don't think it'll be the same... Curses! Yours looks fantastic!

Knitting Bandit said...

I joined the Chevron sScarf KAL on Flicker though I haven't picked my colors yet. I keep changing my mind when I see new ones like yours! I like it! I agree--it's not a "last minute" knitted gift unless you're Speedy Gonzelz!

Ren said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!

your crochet animals are so cute! and all that yarn... so yummy! : )

Haakpoes said...

Love it! Thanks for using my pattern! You did a great job on the Pockitty!