Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Birthday Loot

Thanks everyone for the good birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day. Of course, I must share my goodies with you.
This card from my one and only, one of a kind, I broke the mold when I made her, daughter. Love it!

This book from my daughter. It's perfect for me. She knows me too well.

My favorite Turtles candy and Captain Jack Sparrow doll from my always thoughtful niece.

Guava scented candle from my daughter

This spectacular book from my daughter as well.

My sister gave me a new Foreman grill, since she used mine the last time she was over and realized I was due for a new one. Thank you dahling, I love it.

I'm not one for holidays and don't buy into the commercialism and all that. But I do think birthdays should be special. Even though I try and stay under the radar on my "day", my family finds me and always makes me happy. Of course, we kinda make each other happy all year long as well. Thanks for making my day special.


kim said...

I'm so glad your birthday was a nice one. We all deserve pampering now and again.

Soulknitting said...

Jack Sparrow Doll???? OMG, I MUST have one!!! Fab present, I love me some JS. One of my best friends keeps a box of cereal featuring a big picture of JS on the front cover on the ledge above her kitchen sink. She says she and Jack are --doing dishes, cooking dinner or drinking wine together --when every you call and talk. Too funny.

Happy Birthday. Lucky you that Jack showed up.

nona said...

It sounds like you had a great day -- Happy Belated Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, im glad you loved your gifts. Next year we must celebrate with a cake! xoxo, Rubina