Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can You Feel The Lace Love?

I'm knitting a lace triangle shawl, and I love it. The yarn is Callista from Elann and comes in beautiful shades, not to mention how inexpensive it is. The free pattern for the Luna Moth Shawl is also available at Elann, who provide excellent customer service. I've done the pattern repeat twice at this point. It's a fairly quick easy knit which I hope to have finished by next weekend. Famous last words.

I modifed the Easy Ripple Afghan pattern to accomodate scarf width and started this thing. I actually wanted to crochet another afghan with this yarn, but I don't have enough. It's Laines Du Nord Giunco, which is discontinued, but I'm searching for more. If I can get the same colors, the scarf will be history and the blanket on the table.

Sock knitting still on my mind, but I'm so easily distracted.

And on a self indulgent note, tomorrow is my birthday! Happy birthday to me. I may bake a cake. Or cupcakes. They're so much yummier.


Dr. B. said...

Happy early birthday! May your celebrations be glorious and cupcake-full.

Your ripple scarf and your lace shawl look beautiful already. I really like the colors you've picked for the scarf.


catsmum said...

early happy birthday from me too [ in case I don't make it back tomorrow ]
I'll be watching the shawl progress closely cos Luna is on my to do day... maybe :]

kim said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

The shawl looks very pretty; love the purple.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dahling.... May your days be filled with health and happiness... :-)
BTW, nice job on the "ripple" and "lace" projects...

Nora said...

Happy, happy birthday gorgeous gal!! Bake the cake AND cupcakes - you deserve them all. x