Sunday, May 27, 2007


My Chevron Scarf, completed! Here, modeled by the lovely Omega, worn as in the Last Minute Knitted gifts book. Thank you Omega for your time and making my scarf look so good. All in all, though I may have complained a tad here and there about this NOT being suitable for a last minute gift, it was really an easy knit. I just never stayed with it long enough to finish quickly. As is my habit, I jump from project to project and some things just get neglected for a while. And speaking of taking time, if you think knitting this scarf takes time, wait til you pin this puppy for blocking. It took almost as long to pin it as it did to knit. Well, I kid of course, but it's a long one.

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Medium Weight in Cracked Canyon & Rocktober.
Needles: Size 5 (3.75mm)
Modifications: None, except I didn't knit until the yarn finished. It's quite long enough as is.
Finished Measurements: 6" wide x 74" Long after blocking.

I probably won't wear it as in the photo anyway. And who knows, I may even gift it somewhere in time.

Next up, my second Chevron Scarf, cast on and knit for about 4" shortly after I started my first one. I'm working on it now, have progressed to 18" in length, and hope to have it done by the end of the week. Operative word here "hope". This is knit in Regia and Lane Cervinia sock yarn.

My lace shawl is on hold until I finish a few things that have been on the needles for a while. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of completion of a project. Well... of course, there are many things quite a bit more satisfying, but this is a knit blog and we won't go there.


kim said...

Congrats on finishing your Chevron. I love the new colors your starting. I think it's definitely a winner!

kim said...

oop - I hate typos. "you're" not "your"

Dr. B. said...

Woo hoo! Nicely done! Congratulations on finishing your first one.

Impressive that you're already 18 inches into #2 (oh, that sounded dirty).

Nora said...

Beautiful work A. The colours on the scarf #2 are exquisite!

nona said...

Great job with your Chevron -- it turned out beautifully. And with your immediate cast-on of a second version you are either addicted or have a last minute gift to knit :-)

tiennie said...

They're both beautiful!

Knitting Bandit said...


ladylinoleum said...

I think the scarf is just lovely. Blocking is definitely a lot of work. Agreed.