Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Knitting

As I was happily knitting along on these socks, which have been on the needles far too long, I was reminded of my status of Reigning Queen of Fiber Knots. Yep, there it was glaring at me, as if to say "Thought you were going to knit an object without yarn hassles?". Well, this time I was undaunted. Thanks to Nona, who previously pointed out this excellent tutorial to me for another project I had the same issue with. I've fixed it, with a smile. And even I can hardly tell where the problem was.

The Russian Join. I love it and will use from now on. Especially for the 'middle of my knitting' yarn knots or breaks I find in my skeins. But it's great as well for joining yarn just to avoid the weaving in at the end of a project. Works with feltable & non-feltable yarn. Not that it's a new invention or anything, but it is for me. I may be late for the party, but I'll be dancing to this tune for a while.

This fabulous book has just been added to my library.

Not a good picture, but it's the best I have right now. Kokoro no Te by Kumiko Sudo, which translated means Handmade From the Heart, is just beautiful to look at if nothing else. I haven't tried any of the projects yet, but I think the first one I'm going to make is this cute little tote, also featured on the cover.
I also got Denyse Schmidt Quilts. What can I say? I like crafty books. Even if I spend more time dusting them off than actually using them.


kim said...

What pretty socks. I really like the colorway. Is that pattern from Vintage Socks?

Nora said...

I've got the DS Quilt book too - haven't even opened it yet. NEED. MORE. TIME.

Love the sock, btw. Love it!

Knitting Bandit said...

I like your socks. Are they the Lozenge (spelling?) socks from Nancy Bush?

catsmum said...

that little tota and the mini kimono are my favourites amongst the projects in that book. I don't actually have it...just borrow it from the guild library ... but I do have quite a few of her others. Omyage is great too.