Monday, July 16, 2007

Update or How To Rehash The Old

The knitting of the Kusha scarf came to a temporary halt. I just couldn't get my knit groove on with my needles on hand. The 14 inchers were not comfortable, circulars didn't cut it, metal or otherwise. So being that I can be anal meticulous about some things, I ordered new needles so I can continue. They're Crystal Palace Bamboo. Had a hard time finding 9" needles, so I had to wait for them by mail. It was worth the wait and made all the difference for me.

In the meantime, with the trauma and drama around here of late, I almost lost my knitting mojo alltogether. These socks are driving me nuts. I love knitting socks and don't know why it's taking me forever to finish these. But heels are turned and I think I'm finally on my way.

My Chevron the Sequel is almost there. But... almost isn't good enough.

So what do I do? I start to crochet a purse. The quick fix of fiber crafts, for me. I've had this cotton yarn around forever, and I do mean F-O-R-E-V-E-R! I bought the yarn 15 years ago, I kid you not. Originally to make me a top, then decided to make a bikini for my daughter, then it was going to be a shawl, then... on and on. Now it's going to be a purse. I'm winging the pattern, fashioned after one of my favorite bags, which is so worn out, but I still love it. More on this soon.

In the meantime, the heat is killing me. And it's only mid-July. I just don't do well with the heat anymore. Or is it the humidity? Who knows. Who cares. It's a drag, any way you look at it.


Nora said...

You've just said everything I'm feeling...

kim said...

See, now I think had I been a bit more "meticulous," I would not have loathed the Kusha as much as I did. The right needles sometimes make all the difference.

I hate the heat as well. Fortunately, it's been fluctuating here in CT between 66 and 92 for the last few weeks. So we at least get a break.

Dr. B. said...

I love the colors of your second Chevron!

Glad to hear things are getting a little better. But between the heat and all the other stuff you've been dealing with, it make sense that the knitting vibe is a bit off. Here's to cooler weather, less drama, and more crafting!

ladylinoleum said...

You know, I find that when I am tired of one process (knitting or crochet), taking up the alternate process works like a charm. Your WIPs are looking faboo nonetheless.

Dr. B. said...

Haven't seen you around in a while, and am just checking in to make sure you're OK. Hope it's not trauma or drama that's got you away. Maybe you're off on a lovely vacation of sorts (we can hope).