Thursday, September 20, 2007

Will It Ever End??

So... I was very excited after my kitchen floor was almost done last weekend. I immediately took this picture when the installers left. Never mind the left over tile, foot prints and huge glue container. I love my new floor. This is where my kitchen table & chairs will sit. Lovely!

My almost finished floor.

Here we have my unsightly water heater in the porch almost covered with a new wall. They forgot to consider that it can't be completely covered because it's gas & combustible, so no door. They're still working on solving the finishing dilemma.

And finally, when I turned around after admiring my almost complete floor... this is what I saw. Had to deal with this all last weekend. Lots of throw-aways and Goodwill stuff. Major pain in the arse.

My daughter's going to paint the table base this weeked. The hood over the stove is being changed. The counter tops are being replaced. Everything blue is going out the door!

My new gas range is being delivered Saturday morning. Now I can cook and bake to my hearts delight. Well, when I feel like it anyway.

The living room is still a work in progress, the dining room still needs paint, the bathroom is very close to done. Ohhhh.... window coverings, new kitchen chairs. Will it ever end? It's Pandora's Box.

My crafting has taken a back seat. I can't believe I haven't touched a thing... no knitting, no sewing, no crochet, no nothing. But by the end of this month I should be back in the swing of things. Famous last words....

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kim said...

The floor looks beautiful. In the end, you will forget all the mess and be able to enjoy your lovely "new" home. How exciting!