Sunday, December 30, 2007

Call Me Crazy

It wouldn't be the first time. I started a new Chevron Scarf. Solid red. Lovely. For my daughters girlfriend. I missed the Christmas deadline, but she'll get it in enough time to use while it's still cold. Not only am I zippiing right through, but the yarn is just great. It's Austermann Smaragd Classic, 100% Superwash Wool. Knits up beautifully, looks and feels great. And you can't beat the price. Good ole comes through again.

So my nephews youngest LOVES Spongebob Squarepants. Searcing around for a hat pattern I came across this. Pure genius, I thought. It inspired my little hat for Aidan. I knit the hat using my tried and true pattern, used I-cord for the legs and nose, and took the lazy way out and used felt for the face embellishements. I did use Kody Mays pattern for the arms. Needless to say the look on his face when he saw it was priceless.

Besides being crazy, I must have masochistic tendancies. I knit up another pair of wire votive sleeves. This time a little harder on the fingers than I remembered. But they turned out lovely and my nephews wife loved them. Her favorite colors.

Needing some mindless needlecraft, I crocheted this trivet for my niece. She saw one I had made years ago, at my sister's, and wanted one. Lily's crochet cotton works for me. I have the pattern from an online source a few years back, but I can't find it online anymore and don't know if I can reprint the pattern here or not.

And, if you see this in time, there's a contest going on here. Hurry, the deadline to enter is December 31. I just found out about it today. Sadly, it's only open to residents of the U.S., Canada and D of C.

Happy, healthy, safe New Year to everyone. Let's make it a stellar creative year.


kim said...

It never occurred to me to do that scar in a solid. What a great idea. I have tried those votives and given up after the second row. Pure torture!

Happy New Year!

kim said...

Ooops! Meant "scarf" obviously!

Dr. B. said...

That Chevron Scarf really is addictive. But that Spongebob hat?! Amazing! What a lucky little guy.

And Happy New Year! I'm with you - let's keep the creative juices flowing!