Monday, May 05, 2008

It's About Time

I've been busy, I really have, but just not inspired to write about anything.

Just finished a pair of Bronte's Mitts for a Ravelry KAL. Loved the pattern. Such an easy knit for a very pretty pair of girly mitts. I knit them in Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply, which is so soft and pretty. The only mods I made were to use size 3 & 5 needles rather than the recommended 4 & 6, and added a row just before knitting the thumb waste yarn. Otherwise it's a great pattern and a very quick knit. I did make a mistake on one of the cuffs and had to redo it, but that was my fault. It's all fixed now.

I finally blocked my Chevron II. Well, not exactly blocked, but gave it a good steaming. Turned out very nice and drapes very nicely. The reason my blocking or steaming had come to a halt was because my iron was missing. How does an iron get on the "missing - nowhere in sight" list you ask? I bought a new iron, just before my home renovations, and had no idea where it was. My daughter and sisters helpe me with clean up after everything was done, and I was afraid it may have been tossed in a Goodwill bag by someone. I know, I could've bought another one, but I always had hope. Anyway, it's found and works beautifully.

Also finished this slouch hat for my sister Jasmine for her birthday, which was April 12. Yeah, I've been away for a while. She's quite glitzy when she wants to be and pulls it off with class. She loved it. Well, I should hope so, since she picked the yarn and all.
So much more to talk about and show. I probably should write while I'm in the mood, but it can wait.
Keep creating!


knitasaur said...

I love your Bronte's Mitts. Such a pretty color.

kim said...

Those mitts are so beautiful! I've never seen that pattern before.

The slouchy hat is very cool. I can just picture it on someone with the panache to pull it off. Glad to see you're back...

Krystal said...

Your mitts look so pretty!

I love the scarf too!

Just out of curiosity... where was the iron? :)

Anonymous said...

Love evrything you do, the love shows in all your designs and work.
Good to see have you back in full force, keep up all the good work.