Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's This? More Than One Post In a Month?

It was a bit of a challange knitting gloves for my friends daughter. She's getting married Friday, yes the 13th. But she's unconventional like that. I decided on cotton because it will likely be a warm day. After trying a few patterns, it just wasn't working quite as I envisioned. So what else could I do but wing it. After knitting the first one, I was so impressed, well, I had to write the pattern up. It's pretty, feminine while not too frilly, and best of all a quick knit. The pattern for Always & Forever is available here as well as a PDF download on Ravelry. Knit with Patons Grace, which was a very nice experience. I'm not usually a 'cotton knitter', but this yarn may have changed my mind.

The Jasmine Mitts, which came before the wedding mitts but were left on the wayside while I worked the white ones, are so soft and comfy in Dale Baby Ull.

The pattern is here as well as a Ravelry download.

Other than that, the weather is lovely. Life goes on without much interruption. And, well, I think I'm on a roll. I've been knitting pretty regularly. Makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you ARE on a roll! How pretty those gloves are! I'm always so impressed with people who can create their own patterns. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Those white gloves are just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Who's gorgeous hands are these!?

Btw, where is your etsy page?
You NEED one asap.
For serious.

xoE :)


Beautiful gloves, and hands... hehehe

LadyLinoleum said...

I love both of these! The white ones are gorgeous...the perfect gift.