Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ahhhh... Time for A Breather

If I have learned anything through the years, it's that I don't like production knitting. Or mass producing anything that I make. Knitting, sewing, jewelry making or whatever craft or skill I undertake. I prefer one of a kind, or if I enjoy making something, I might make a few of the same, changing colors or whatever I need to keep my interest. Why then do I frequently end up mass producing? It's not that I look for it. It comes to me. I could easily refuse the task. But I don't. I haven't figured why.

Which brings me to my Skully Scarf. I've finished several already, minus the weaving in of ends. I'm bored to death of it. Making the faces is slightly interesting, but after 5 or six, soooo monotonous. Then the scarf body. Garter stitch. On large needles. So I've caught up on a lot of movie watching I've been meaning to do. There is something to say about mindless knitting I suppose.

My toe warmers sit unfinished, collecting dust. Numerous gift items (ideas) still sit in my head or on a sketch pad. I've wound several yarn cakes, just to eye the beauty of them and break the monotony. I knit a mini hat which fits my thumb (inspired by a Dr.B post). I crocheted a wire bangle bracelet.

I still have 8 scarves and 15 hats to finish. But I needed to come up for some air. So it goes.


Nora said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes - 1 more week to go!! x

Anonymous said...

Aaargh! That finger hat is SOOO cute!