Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Blinked....

And it's Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Not much to report on the knitting front. I've been so swamped with knitting accessories for a couple of local boutiques and as I mentioned earlier, the most exciting, but now repetitive Japan store knitting.

On top of this, my niece became very ill and was hospitalized for several days. It was a close call. She made it with some medical problems she will have to deal with for a while, but we are very grateful to her team of dedicated, thourough and compassionate doctors.

Just to make certain I didn't have any calm in my life, one of my cats became very ill last weekend and has been diagnosed with kidney infection and I've been nursing him as well. Jed is the most docile, loving, friendly cat I have ever known. It's very difficult seeing him in this condition. It's been a traumatic and exhausting 3 weeks.

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you all a happy and wonderful time, however you choose to celebrate. For everyone, I wish health, peace and calm in your lives.

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Nora said...

Gosh, when it rains it pours eh? I hope things start to get better for you soon. x

PS: We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, OR Halloween... We're VERY "with it" down here...